3 Sound Healing or Vocal Awareness Sessions (Reg. $525) ….. $400

5 Sound Healing or Vocal Awareness Sessions (Reg. $875) ….. $700


To book a session, Email or Text 818-453-8462 to contact Corey (Tzion) Keisler. If this is your first session, we will schedule a free 15-30 minute phone consultation to address any questions or concerns.

Private sessions are $175and last 75-90 minutes. Sliding scale rates are available for those in financial need.

Accepted Payment for Sessions:
Venmo: @TheGreenRose
Zelle: Temple Of The Green Rose



Corey (Tzion) Keisler has been working in the music and healing arts with small and large groups throughout the United States during his career.  He is an accomplished musician and shamanic sound healer.  He holds a degree in Music Technology from Berklee College of Music and has studied Healing Science at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, as well as the teachings of Chant Master Jonathan Goldman, and sound healing pioneers Jeffrey Thompson and David Gibson.

It was during his time at the Barbara Brennan School that Corey discovered the power of sound through Vocal Toning.  His deep grounded shamanic toning cathartically heals the wounds of the soul.  His ability to take large groups of people into their own unique sound allows for their souls to be sonically liberated.  Through workshops, sound circles, and private sessions, Corey helps others experience the power of the Sound Within.


A private session with Corey begins with discussing and addressing the main concerns you wish to work on – together, you will examine energetic patterns and how they relate to life’s issues. The healing session consists of hands on energy healing techniques (if in-person) supported by extremely powerful toning, harmonic overtone frequencies, chants, and melodies Corey channels through his voice.  Corey may also use additional sound healing tools, such as tuning forks, drum, Tibetan bowls, as guided by his intuition.  The sounds go deep into the body, releasing those hard to reach stuck energy patterns, transforming and encouraging you to emerge into your true vibration.  In addition, ancestral wisdom and messages will come through pertinent to the healing situation creating a feeling of not only a sound healing session, but a powerful shamanic journey.  Allow the sound to go deep into the body, releasing those stuck energy patterns, transform, and unleash and emerge into your true vibration.


Feeling blocked in your throat chakra? Is it time to express your Truth fully?  Often past trauma and habitual belief systems can stop us from expressing our truth and showing up as our authentic selves.  Using certain forms of breathwork along with vocal sounding techniques, one can consciously bring these negative blockages into awareness and into the light.  Through safe and mindful emotional release, this energy can shift allowing the True Voice to emerge in a real and authentic way. 

Speak Your Truth.  Sing Your Song.  It’s Time.


Santa Maria (Cannabis) is a medicine of Intention and Consciousness.  She gently helps us to realize the power of our own Intention, as she guides us to wrap our consciousness around the next step on our spiritual path.  With Santa Maria, we can more easily step into the vantage point of our Higher Self, minimizing the impact of negative emotional patterns, allowing us to understand more deeply the architecture of our own Healing.   Our habitual patterns become clear and obvious; the areas in the body where we hold old stuck energy become more apparent; and the path to our own healing, to more Self Love, is laid out before us.

In sessions, we partner with this Sacred Medicine, and utilizing energy work, breath, sound vibration, and connections with Spirit, we unravel the mental/emotional connections in the areas of life that need healing.

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