Outreach Missions


Education is one of the top outreach missions of The Temple Of The Green Rose.  Cannabis is perhaps unique amongst entheogenic plant medicines in that it has been primarily looked upon as a recreational drug.  On top of that, as part of decades of negative programming, cannabis is often referred to as “weed” – a word that, although it has been embraced by most in the cannabis community, carries negative connotations.   As a spiritual temple, it is our Education Mission to teach about intentional sacramental use of Cannabis, and the Spiritual Healing that is possible when this loving plant medicine is utilized in this manner.


The Temple may be uniquely positioned to be of service to those suffering with PTSD.  There is much research on how cannabis can help ease this suffering.  In addition to our Sacrament practice, other modalities we offer such as breathwork and sound healing create a synergistic approach towards alleviating PTSD symptoms.  We look forward to creating partnerships with communities effected by PTSD and developing low and no-cost programs and events.


One of the long-term outreach missions of The Temple is to be part of a Holistic Hospice organization.  Cannabis is becoming a popular natural remedy used by hospice patients to treat pain, nausea, seizers, and anxiety.  Providing various forms of Sacrament to hospice patients, as well as loving attention and connection, is one way we can help serve those in this sacred transition.

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