Many have now become aware of the physical and emotional healing aspects of Cannabis. Through testimonial and scientific evidence, Cannabis – in its various forms – has been found to have physical healing properties that assist in numerous ailments, from depression to PTSD to epilepsy to cancer… to name a few.  There are also the underlying Spiritual Healing aspects of Cannabis to consider and explore.

In the spiritual Medicine traditions, many cultures associate Cannabis with the spirit of the Divine Feminine. This particular plant medicine carries the energetic frequencies of Unconditional Love, Mercy and Divine Compassion, which are some of the prominent healing frequencies of the Divine Feminine.

Sacred Cannabis is a beautiful Medicine and Guide on our Spiritual Path.  She is the perfect guide to help us Integrate deep Journey experiences – to help us achieve our Highest Perspective on the issues and patterns our deeper journeying helps bring to Light.

Sacred Cannabis is a Medicine of Intention and Consciousness.  She gently helps us to realize the Power of our own Intention, as she guides us to wrap our Consciousness around the next step on our Spiritual Path.  Partnering with this beautiful medicine, we can more easily step into the vantage point of our Higher Self, minimizing the impact of negative emotional patterns, allowing us to understand more deeply the architecture of our own Healing.   Our habitual patterns become clear and obvious; the areas in the body where we hold old stuck energy become more apparent; and the path to our own healing, the Journey to Self Love, is laid out before us.

At the Temple Of The Green Rose, we partner with Cannabis, Sound Healing, Music, and the Energy of Unconditional Love to guide people on their paths of Self Discovery.  

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