To provide the Highest Quality
Spiritual Experience.

The Temple of the Green Rose is dedicated to sharing sacred knowledge and techniques that foster healing and spiritual advancement for those who seek it.  We seek guidance and spiritual partnership through the ceremonial use of natural entheogen, the Master Plant Medicine Teachers.  Our focus is on the entheogen Cannabis, which connects us to the Sacred Energies of the Divine Feminine. We combine the intentional use of Cannabis with other spiritual practices to achieve expanded states of consciousness.  These practices include, but are not limited to, Sound Frequency Healing, Sacred Music, Chanting, Meditation, and Breath-work.

Our Discovery

WE BELIEVE Planet Earth is a planet of Duality, and we are here learning and experiencing Duality in all of its forms and extremes. 

WE BELIEVE in Universal Reincarnation.  We have all lived many lives in many different forms, in order to experience all there is to know about Duality and Personal Healing.

WE BELIEVE balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, as well as healing karmic and ancestral patterns, belief systems and misunderstandings are a direct path to creating Peace and Harmony on Earth.

WE BELIEVE that natural entheogens such as Cannabis were manifested through the Divine Creator in order for all humans, regardless of religion, race, sex, or gender, to facilitate communion with the Divine Creator and to aid us in understanding and experiencing Divine Unconditional Love. 

WE BELIEVE and we are aware that the sacramental use of natural entheogens is a very ancient practice, perhaps dating back to more than 100,000 years ago.  Regarding Cannabis, ancient practices and ceremonies are known to date back to over 4,000 years ago.  Archeologists have uncovered evidence at ancient religious sites indicating that Cannabis has had a role as a ceremonial sacrament. We approach partnership with Cannabis holding the same prayerful and sacred intentions.

WE BELIEVE the plant medicine Cannabis is a portal to the Unconditional Love of the Divine Feminine, and that this Unconditional Love is THE KEY to balancing Duality, Personal Healing and Spiritual Advancement.

WE BELIEVE that the sacramental use of natural entheogens teaches us and empowers us by restoring a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.  As such, we encourage others to practice preservation and reverence for Mother Earth whenever possible.WE BELIEVE practices and techniques involving Sacred Sound Frequency, Music and Chanting lead to states of higher consciousness and healing. 

WE BELIEVE ancient and new techniques of breathwork and meditation – especially when combined with Sacred Cannabis – connect us to spiritual realms, deities, and mystical experiences.  This provides clarity and a higher understanding of our own personal healing path.

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