Santa Maria (Cannabis) is a medicine of Intention and Consciousness.  In Sacred Partnership, she gently helps us to realize the power of our own Intention, as she guides us to wrap our consciousness around the next step on our spiritual path.  With Santa Maria, we can more easily step into the vantage point of our Higher Self, minimizing the impact of negative emotional patterns, allowing us to understand more deeply the architecture of our own Healing.   Our habitual patterns become clear and obvious; the areas in the body where we hold old stuck energy become more apparent; and the path to our own healing, to more Self Love, is laid out before us.  Using the Guidance of Santa Maria, we will journey with Sacred Sound Frequencies and Conscious Awareness into integrating the new emerging aspects of our Soul and Divine Light within.


A Private Ceremony is a deep experience with the goal of taking a large step forward on your path by first identifying and releasing blockages/patterns ready to be let go, and then activating new frequencies and energies that will support the paradigm shift you are stepping into.

First, we prepare to Receive the Medicine through Light Stretching, Chakra Toning, Intention Setting and connecting to Spirit. We then sit together in prayerful gratitude with Santa Maria.  With her guidance, we journey together into identifying old belief systems, stuck emotional/mental patterns that may be blocking you from moving forward.

The powerful “letting go” process can include partnering with Hapéh (plant medicine), breathwork, hands-on-healing, receiving shamanic sounds, and releasing sounds inside that will promote emotional release.  The activation process can include sounding to open up and connect to higher frequencies and specific dimensions and vibratory fields that resonate with your Higher Self.

We close in Gratitude for the Healing Journey.

Private Ceremony is approximately 3 hours in length. $400


Group Ceremonies are held periodically at different locations.  Each group ceremony will have its own focus depending on the energies present and the individual in attendance. Similar to private ceremonies, group ceremonies help us to identify limiting patterns, and a path to release them, while partnering with the Medicine and Sacred Sound.

These Group Ceremonies include Intention Setting, Group Sounding, Light Language, Frequency Activations, Channeled Messages, along with Sacred Music.

More information is provided in the event details of each individual Group Ceremony.

Private/Family Group Ceremonies are also available upon request.


This series consists of 3 Private Sacred Ceremonies (In-Person) plus 3 Integration Sessions via Zoom.

Ceremony 1 – Intention – In this first ceremony, we form a sacred relationship bond with the Spirit of the Medicine, and your Higher Self. From this place we identify and solidify the intentions for the next step on your healing path…. the overall intention for this series of ceremonies. We identify obstacles, misunderstandings, and negative patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward towards your life goals.

Ceremony 2 – Breakthrough – In this ceremony, we dive deep with the medicine and transpersonal breathwork, holding the intention to breakthrough obstacles and patterns identified in Ceremony 1.

Ceremony 3 – Alignment – In this ceremony, we use an intentional manifestation process to align with your highest outcome, life path and life purpose, as you step forward into the next phase of your conscious path.

Integration Sessions within a week after each Ceremony. These sessions will be via Zoom and last 60-90 minutes.


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